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Is it your organisational aim to be prepared for a sustainable future and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Would you like your school, factory, church or workplace to harness the sun’s energy to literally keep the lights on? The great news is, you can get much-needed advice, calculate pay-backs and be served professionally, all here at SolarXpress.

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Reduce Your Organisation’s Reliance on Rising and Costly Power Bills

Many schools, factories, and hotels are now also benefitting from their energy provider’s Feed-in Tariff on the export of any surplus power not used. As these solar systems are huge, any kW exported during weekends makes a nice price difference to the annual power bill!

At SolarXpress, our key focus is on large-scale commercial solar system projects. These not only benefit the communities which they are servicing through energy savings but also assist Brisbane, Australia in reaching its renewable energy targets.

With over 32 years’ experience servicing the community in Commercial Solar and other energy-efficient products, we know how to best help our clients make strategic decisions, including on system size, comparing energy-efficient options, cost savings and pay-back times.

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Get Informed on Commercial and Industrial Energy Rebates and Green Loans

Our sales consultant will let you know if the new solar power system is eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). In a commercial size solar system, their value can be worth thousands of dollars. Your school, workplace or church may also be able to get a low-interest-rate loan for the system through NAB and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Built Dual Purpose Solar System with Advanced Technology

Many of our clients want a dual-function purpose-built structure, with solar panels on top. Thus, they get a brand new hall, sports arena, etc, plus a 100kW solar system that runs their entire school or church power needs -- all for the one cost.

The team at SolarXpress always strive to research the best new energy-efficient products on behalf of their clients. By regularly introducing these technologies, we expand solar energy as an efficient and affordable solution in Brisbane area, one that supports the future of our world.


Commercial Solar Installation Projects

Commercial Solar Brisbane installation project in Northside Kustom Kitchens


Northside Kustom Kitchens


Northside Kustom Kitchens

Northside Kustom Kitchens see real savings in their energy costs.

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Commercial Solar Brisbane installation project in Living Faith Lutheran Primary School


Living Faith Primary


Living Faith Primary

Not only saved energy costs but gained a purpose-built structure.

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Commercial Solar Brisbane installation project in The Criterion Hotel Rockhampton


Criterion Hotel Rockhampton


Criterion Hotel Rockhampton

Criterion Hotels decision to go Solar lowers their energy costs.

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After doing 22,000 solar power installations throughout Queensland, our experience in delivering professional service and advice is second to none. With historical records and references available upon request, we provide our clients with peace of mind as they look to invest in Solar for the future.

We guaranteed innovative commercial solar power system solutions for commercial establishments.

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