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Kustom Kitchens' Commercial Solar Installation Review

Northside Kustom Kitchens Clontarf Qld Testimonial

In researching for our Solar Panels for our Industrial Shed we contacted 3 companies. We selected SolarXpress due to the very impressive slideshow presentation Tom showed us & also negotiated the price comparing to others in the market. Professionalism from start to finish was excellent. Yes, there were hurdles but this did not disrupt the business. The office staff were friendly and communicated on timeframes, Installers carried out proper safety procedures & were efficient. Technical setup was an issue, but the technicians were friendly & helped me resolves my issues immediately. Of course, everything comes down to what our electricity invoice is now. I am happy to say I have decreased it to more than what I was expecting. Overall, our experience with SolarXpress was extremely positive & will highly recommend to anyone looking for Solar.

Regards Tara & David Waddington Northside Kustom Kitchens.

Thanks again for everything & we will need Solar on our new home next year & we will know where to go!!

Regards Tara



Lutheran Primary School's Commercial Solar Installation Review

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School Murrumba Downs Testimonial

As Business Manager at Living Faith Lutheran Primary School Murrumba Downs, we first investigated Solar for the school in 2017.

We went through the normal procurement process and reference checks before we engaged the services of SolarXpress.

Most companies just promoted Solar however through consultation with SolarXpress and the design team we were also able to design and build a special purpose shelter that not only hosted the 100kW Solar System but also connected the school and Kindergarten and created a student pick-up and drops off point and bus shelter - I believe the images will be attached.

Fast forward two years and we are realising real savings in power consumption at an average of 50% of our previous usage which has resulted in considerable financial savings.

The whole experience continues to be a financial success and we would be happy to recommend Solarxpress to any school or business who are looking at similar projects.


Les Barnard

Business Manager

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School Murrumba Downs


The Cri Logo 20151

Criterion Hotel's Commercial Solar Installation Review

The Criterion Hotel Rockhampton

I first met with Tom from SolarXpress on the recommendation of a colleague who was also looking at Solar.

From the beginning Tom was able to make the benefits of Solar very transparent, identifying our spend and what we could or could not expect to save.

He was very clear about the Clean Energy Council and their role in Australian Solar and how they provide a list of recommended equipment and that the installations need to be carried out by Clean Energy Council accredited electricians.

We took advantage of the Government STC’s for systems under 100kW’s, which provided a $58,000 “Renewable Energy Incentive” against the cost of our system which was 99.9kW.

Our annual power bill was around $105,000 and to date, we are on target to save around 48%, not a bad return and that’s without factoring where power prices will be in the future.

By the way, he forecasted a saving of at least 30% which he said was conservative but would enable us to make a commercial decision on a worst-case scenario... to say we are happy is an understatement.

The installation was seamless with their team working at the times that didn’t impact on our guests after all we are a full operation hotel with 43 Rooms.

Given we have 38 staff Tom made it very clear that power management was important and has helped us in this area which no doubt is why we have exceeded the originally forecasted savings.

If you would like to talk about the experience of dealing with SolarXpress please call me or talk to Tom at SolarXpress, I can assure you they are a very good company to deal with.

Leigh G Turnbull (Owner)

The Criterion Hotel, Rockhampton

150 Quay Street

Rockhampton, Qld



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