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Solar Xpress specialises in cost saving measures in energy for Schools.

Utilising our specially developed software we can analyse your usage data which will guide us in providing the appropriate measures to help you with cost saving measures for energy needs.

Most schools only trade a 5-day week and with 10 public holidays per year there are around 120 days each year where the school is not making use of the solar power produced (this figure does not include school holiday periods). With the development of battery solutions there is now the ability to store produced excess energy and use the stored energy in the evenings and night when solar would have not been effective.

Solar Rental Program

• No Deposit required
• No need for a grant from Government
• GST claimable on BAS
• Automatic approval for Government Schools
• Solar rental program with major Australian Bank
• Ownership reverts to your school at the end of the rental period
• Generous community referral programs available
Demonstrate to your students and your community the importance of renewable energy while at the same time, receiving significant savings on your electricity bill - with no capital cost.

This is a specialised solar rental plan created just for schools. Your selected solar system is purchased by our financer and rented to your school for ten years at a fixed rate. After ten years the school has the option to pay one additional months payment and the title of the goods are transfered to them locking in the savings on electricity - but then with no monthly costs.


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