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Home solar panel installation Brisbane

Home Solar Installation Brisbane

Providing Solar Panels For Home

Premium Solar Panels & Inverters Installer Experts

SolarXpress is only installing solar panels and inverters with premium benefits from Australian distributors who’ve been in the market for over 10 years. This is important as you get assurance that components still under warranty are able to be repaired, long into the future.

Offers 25-Year Warranty On Solar Panels & 10-Year Warranty On Inverters

We only supply the best equipment in Australia. All solar panels have a 25-year warranty, with solid performance. Inverters carry a 10-year warranty.

Offers Solar Panel Removal and Replacement

SolarXpress can help you replace your damaged solar panels with new quality one. Our solar panel experts can instantly remove your old solar panels and install high quality Australian brands that guaranteed with long warranties.

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Home Solar Power Systems We Offer

Solar Hot Water Sytem

solar hot water system

SolarXpress is using established brands and suppliers in the solar marketplace. We guaranteed low cost solar hot water system pricing. The validity of Solar Hot Water System Warranty is 10 years, which is serviceable through our Australian distributors.

If you get modern solar panels, you may not need solar hot water because you are already generating power with the most environmental efficiency.

Solar Hot Water System Benefits

  • Access RELIABLE hot water 24/7
  • SAVE up to 90% on your water heating bills
  • OFFSET investment cost with government rebates

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Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar means the system is still hooked up to the grid but uses a big battery during the night. At the moment, the price of batteries is high and in general suburban areas, you need to weigh up this expense, but we expect batteries will come down in price in future… just as the energy costs are hiked up.

Hybrid Solar Benefits

  • Store excess solar or low cost (off-peak) electricity
  • Allows use of stored solar energy during peak evening times
  • Reduces power consumption from the grid (reduced demand)

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Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid power means your house is not connected to the electricity grid, and so uses Battery storage. In remote areas, where connection cost is high, your house can thus be self-reliant. Your installed Brisbane solar power system can power through the day—while the battery is there to power through the night!

We can install Tesla or LG Chem battery banks: only the best will do.

We have been installing battery-backup Off-Grid systems in remote areas for 30 years, so you can rely on our knowledge.

Off-Grid Solar Benefits

  • Avoid Power Outages
  • Reduced electricity costs times
  • Keeping the Environment Clean and Green

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Choose The Right Residential Solar Power System 

Monitor Your Solar Power Output with Solar System

solar power output monitoring screen

All Solar systems can come with remote monitoring of how many kiloWatts of power the panels are creating. The inverter sends a signal to the computer software and you just read it whenever logged in. Refer to the example above.

Get a free Energy Audit at your initial consultation. This highlights what energy costs you will save and the time to full pay-back on your new solar system.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Power a House?

Well, it depends on how much energy your household consumes! The most common size is 6.6 kW solar system, or 20-24 modern solar panels, which should easily offset an average household’s energy use.

Energy usage varies though, as we’re not all the same. While a couple in a townhouse using all-electric might consume 7,000 kW a year, a family in a two-level home with heating might chew through 15,000 kW. But the daily average usage (Qld) is from 17 -23 kW per day, seasonal.

Geography is a factor in the production of energy, as is the angle of your roof. Solar Calculator says a 6.6kW system in Melbourne produces 21.6kWh, but in Brisbane, it may generate 27.7kWh of electricity per day. We love our sunshine.

Finally, the brand of best solar panels also makes a difference. The brand can vary from 80-92% performance, 19-22% efficiency, and from 10-25 years warranty. Sure, you can debate all day about which Solar Panel brand to buy—or you can get expert advice from our solar installers, with 32 years’ experience in the industry. 

Redefine your relationship with energy, save money and minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your electricity costs today!

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