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Purpose Built Solar Panel Structure

Often with larger KW installations, there is not enough effective roof area to house all the power solar system and panels in the optimum position, so SolarXpress answers this requirement with a purpose-built structure that will not only support the chosen system installation but serve as a purposeful structure that will serve the commercial client as well.

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Completed Custom Built Solar System Installation Projects

Living Faith Lutheran primary - 100kw Solar Power System

Living Faith Purpose Built Power Solar System Installation

Customer Solar Need:

Living Faith Lutheran aimed to become environmentally-friendly and sustainable with the installation of a solar power system. They also required a solution to install the solar, as they did not have the available roof space. The school also had an uncovered walkway that connected the kindergarten and the main primary school building.

Proposed Energy Solution:

To assist with the installation of a purpose-built structure to house the 100kw Solar System, covering the walkway to give shade to the students, parents and staff walking between the 2 areas of the school.

Energy Solution Benefit For Customer in the Future:

The 100kw system reduced the school's carbon footprint and as well as their energy bills, all whilst achieving their aim of becoming more environmentally sustainable.

Prince of Peace Lutheran College - 100kw Solar Power System

Prince Of Peace Purpose Built Power Solar System Installation

Customer Solar Need:

A Solar System to assist the school to become environmentally friendly and also reduce escalating power bills. They also were looking to cover an existing basketball court as there were limited assembly points at the premises.

Proposed Energy Solution:

After investigating the viability of covering the existing basketball court on the upper level, we realised that the engineering and drain access rendered this as an impractical solution. SolarXpress recommended that we use a small section of the lower oval to build a purpose-built structure to house the majority of the solar and also act as a gathering point to address the initial requests.

Energy Solution Benefit For Customer in the Future:

The school now has a 100kW solar system which future proofs the power bills and also has a fully covered shaded area on the lower oval, which not only acts as a gathering point but also is used for sports and recreation. A big win for the school!

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