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3 Critical Things to Know Before Choosing a Solar System

3 Critical Things to Know Before Choosing a Solar System

Why now is the best time for households and especially businesses to install a reliable, purpose built solar power system.

All Solar Power Companies - Are not the Same.  

1. Why now is the best time for households and especially businesses to install a reliable, purpose built solar power system.

Every day that goes by without a solar system installed in your home or business is one more day that you could be paying one off. There has never been a better time like now, which offers high-quality solar panel packages – cheaper than they have been in decades. If you are considering installing a solar system that will cover all your household or business power usage, it is important to note that you will have your solar system paying for itself within 3 years. After  factoring in government solar rebates, as well as the ‘feed in tariff, paid to you by your electricity retailer,  once installed, a renewable energy system such as this should instantly give you a $0 electricity bill  - each quarter.

There has been a lot of hype recently about waiting for a drop in the price of solar batteries, before investing in solar. However, realistically it will be at least a few years before the price of solar storage batteries are able to pay for themselves. So why pay high electricity bills now if you can avoid it?

2. Engaging a reputable solar system installation business is crucial to guarantee your warranty.

It is no secret that the solar industry is flooded with irreputable solar operators, some offering a 25-year warranty on systems to have it appear … should there be any problem with the system’s functionality it will be covered under the warranty.  In reality many of these pop-up operators may fail to correctly advise that the 25-year warranty may be made up of separate warranties. This means that there can be an individual warranty for the panels, for the inverter and then for the workmanship. The issue here is if the company you have chosen to install your solar system has purchased cheap solar panels then the warranty on the actual panels may only be 5 years. In this case should they fail after 7 years, your system will not be covered. The other issue with solar installation companies in Brisbane, who have only been in operation for a few years is that they may go bust, leaving their customers with no contact reference if problems with their solar system should arise. Remember to check the warranty structure on the solar system you are considering, before purchasing. Also ensure it is backed by an Australian company that has been around for at least 10 years.

3. Can you have a solar system installed if your roof does not face North.

Gone are the days when it was an important factor to have your roof facing North, in order to have solar panels perform at maximum efficiency. Today superior quality solar panels in Australia, even if your roof is not facing North, only has a 10-15% loss of the system production. When doing the sums on the electricity savings that can be made from installing a good quality solar system, it will clearly show that you can save thousands in electrical bills over a five-year period. In fact solar installation companies who have been in the business for a good while will have the equipment and know-how for setting up solar structures to secure panels, in the right place, on your property for maximum efficiency.

Are you ready to start saving thousands on your electricity bills? 

Here at SolarXpress we understand that different businesses have different power requirements. For example, a small business that operates Monday to Saturday, 6am to 4pm, may not have the same on-site usage, for instance, as a school would have.  For this reason, part of our process is to request interval data. This information is provided by your electricity retailer and outlines your usage amount, on given days, and at what times.  Knowing this is a major part in recommending the best solar panel system configuration for your site, usage requirements, and also foretells the best solar inverter size for your home/business. On the other hand, the school system will have different requirements due to varying on-site peak time operations, than that of the small business. This is how we know each system set up is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

The SolarXpress team will also run through exactly what savings you can expect after installing the right size solar system for your house or business. 

In addition, if the recommended system size is not fit for the building, due to inconsistencies, lack of area space or an insufficient aspect, we can also construct car park cover units and bespoke roofing structures to accommodate. 

More incentives mean more reasons to make the move to solar today!

Be sure to talk to us about the Government Renewable Energy Schemes and renewable power incentives i.e., Small Technology Certificates (STC’s) for solar systems up to 100KW and Large Generation Certificates (LGC’s) for solar systems above 100kw.

Did you know we are the longest operating solar installation business in Queensland?

Operating since 1987, we proudly employ 99% of our solar installers and have long standing relationships with our external contractors for major solar installation projects. Each installer has a minimum of 8-10 years of installation experience.

Our impressive 25-year warranty on solar panels, offers a solid performance and our inverters carry a 10-year warranty. 

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