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Don't Be Left With a Costly Solar Installation

Be very careful whom you purchase your solar system from and what level of product you are getting. Find out some hints on getting great value for your solar energy dollar.

 SolarXpress has been in this market for over 33 years and has seen many suppliers and installers come and go during that time. When you are talking to the solar system retailer, you can be made plenty of promises, but this does not help you in the least if in a couple of years you find they are out of business and you are left with a faulty system or worse still a system that is not working at all.

Like everything, you need to do your research and one of the prime criteria should be how long have you been in business. If they have only been around for less than a decade, then you should be very careful about purchasing from them. Firstly, in this case, find out where the parts come from, if sourced from overseas, is there an Australian Distributor that can warrant the product if your retailer was to go bankrupt, or just not be there anymore?

Number two would be checking the prices against the industry standards which can be found on the Canstar Blue website, this site is the official site for all consumer items. The website link for Queensland Solar power is at A guide to solar power in Queensland.

Number three is that they are there really trying to help you in what you need and not salesmen aiming for upsells which you do not need, or worse the system is smaller than you need as this is where they are making their profit. It is important to get the most from your solar system, what will work best for you, on the grid, off-grid or a hybrid system. There are many solutions to a problem and it is good to know you are getting the right advice.

This is where our mission statement comes in, our principles for operation is:

  • Longevity
  • Integrity
  • Credibility

This is what keeps us in business for so long, while others in the industry are disappearing each year.

The image below gives you the 2019/2020 national average prices. See where our prices are and I think you will be happy, remember these are a national average and therefore from the cheapest to the most expensive. Also, note the prices are after the STC federal discounts have been applied.

2019 average solar installation prices

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