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Is the cost of a Solar Battery worth it?

Firstly, you will look at how you plan to use the battery, are you going to just store power from your solar installation but still remain hooked up to the Power Grid (Hybrid Installation)

or will you go Off-Grid and not be hooked up to the Power Grid. If you are remote, the choice is often made by the fact that hooking up grid power would prove very expensive.

At this stage in the progression of the Solar Industry maturity in this area, we believe that the payback time on the hybrid system is still too long, we expect this to become very viable in the next few years though as battery prices continue to fall as did solar panels as there was more taken up in the market.

Hybrid Solar System

The future of electricity generation in Australia lies in producing your own solar energy during the day and storing it in a battery bank to be used at night. This will eliminate the need to draw much, if any electricity, from the grid, which in turn will drastically reduce your energy bill.

At SolarXpress the future is nearly here. At present, we can design reliable battery backup and hybrid solar systems which will create clean, low-cost electricity for many years to come. Remember what was said above though, we believe by waiting another couple of years, you will make some true savings. Hybrids systems can include backup systems that will continue to function when the grid is down. Having a backup system during power outages is a great benefit, but it is a luxury and will cost you considerably more, but as above, it will continue to come down in price where it becomes the normal practice.

You can also have a system designed to provide power along with your system during peak times, more suited to commercial businesses where they draw maximum power during peak load times.

Off-Grid Solar System

We work directly with leading battery manufacturers such as LG or Tesla. Our technicians have designed many small and large projects for off-grid systems and with the changing of technology and prices dropping slowly, it will only get better.

Designing off-grid solar systems require a high-level knowledge as well as a good understanding of the client’s requirements, see more about this under how we access customer requirements listed under commercial. Every project is custom designed and unique to that customer, By getting it right from the start, SolarXpress can guarantee that each system will perform perfectly as per the customer's expectations.

As battery solar systems are starting to gain more popularity in Australia, there are many new solar installation companies entering the market claiming they can do off-grid solar system design. However, this is rarely the case and sadly customers are left disappointed with the end system. We have been doing this for over 33 years now and are constantly learning as new technology enters the marketplace, but will not use something without knowing it will do the required job as designed.

Incorrectly designed solar power systems can lead to all sorts of problems for the customer. Many systems have simply been put together with off-the-shelf components, without the correct use of necessary formulas and values needed to design a well-performing off-grid system. The unfortunate thing is that by the time these mistakes become apparent, the system has been installed. This is often the time that the dealer falls down on that wonderful warranty that attracted you in the first place. We have not stayed in the marketplace this long without knowing exactly what we are doing.

Final Word For Now

If you are a residential customer who is currently hooked up to the power grid then our advice would be to take advantage of all Solar Systems offer, but put off adding that battery until the prices have come down more and the repay rate is much better.

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