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Solar System Warranty

A common question asked is how long is the warranty of my solar system, keeping that in mind, I will break down the different parts of your solar system so it is easier to understand.

What is Solar System Warranty

A solar system warranty or solar panel warranty is a guarantee from a solar manufacturer or solar installer that protects the customer for panel reliability and production output.

Two Main Types of Solar Warranties

Product/Workmanship Warranty

The product warranty covers the actual panels against defects, equipment failure and environmental issues.

Performance Warranty

A performance warranty ensures a minimum base of electricity production is maintained during the warranty period.

Depending on the solar provider and type of protection provided, warranties validity is usually from 10 up to 25 years. Warranties provide financial protection for consumers and should be a required factor when comparing before buying a solar system or solar panel for your home or local business.

What You Need To Know More About Solar Warranties

It is now very typical that you see solar panel life shown as 30 years, so if you do not check any further, then you would assume you have a 30-year warranty. Sadly this is not the case at this stage as there are other important parts that make up your solar system, the main one being the Inverter which carries a 12-year warranty from the manufacturers. Of course like the solar panels, inverters will have longer warranties as they continue to improve, but at this stage, they have given the warranty that is given for the solar system. See the drawing below to see the basic parts of an everyday solar system.


 Solar System Warranty: Solar System Basic Parts

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