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Experienced Solar Installers Brisbane

SolarXpress is situated on the Northside of Brisbane in Brendale, servicing all of Brisbane and further for over 30 years. 

SolarXpress has been around since 1987, 33 years supporting our customers when they need us. It is not by accident that we have been on the Northside of Brisbane for all this time, but the service we provide to our customers during the sales, installation and after-sale stages. We have customers coming back to us from those early years now seeking a new system.

Stable and Dependable Solar Power Company

Statistics show that over 50% of companies installing solar systems are no longer in business when the customer needs them after the initial solar installation. If you have SolarXpress install your system, you know we will be there to support you in the rare instance that something might go wrong, or you just want to ask us something for peace of mind.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer and Solar Installers With Electrical Work Licenses

Not only are we a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer, but all of our solar installers are also Clean Energy Council Accredited, and hold electrical work licenses.

Many years of experience in both the Solar and Electrical industries allows us to identify products that have the highest of quality, efficiency and performance. Knowledge of all aspects of solar and electrical go hand in hand - we follow all industry standards and aim to produce systems that are safe, reliable and meet all of our client's expectations.

Offers Industry-Leading Warranty Agreements

SolarXpress only uses state of the art products that have industry-leading warranty agreements. The manufacturers of the products we use all have head offices in Australia – this is important. It means that should there be any warranty issues, we can easily contact them and have them attend to any of our requests in a timely manner.

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