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Identifying Your Business Solar Needs

In order to make any recommendations around solar and the potential benefits, SolarXpress will need to analyse your current business and how you use power.

The information required to start the process is a copy of a recent power bill, this will enable us to see your daily spend and what the options are.

We would then request interval data – this is provided free of charge by your power provider. Interval data is a breakdown of how you use your power, a report which contains power readings taken every 15 or 30 minutes throughout the year.

A report based on 30-minute readings would contain 2 x 30 minute readings x 24 hours x 365 days a spreadsheet with 17520 lines.

From this we can study how and when you use your power, after all there is no daylight at night so we need to separate usage by time as opposed to volume.

Analysing Your Power Spend

Different businesses have different power requirements.

For example:

A small Engineering Workshop

May operate 5 days a week from 6am to 4pm and not open Saturday and Sunday.

The bill generally identifies a daily average; however, this number can be misleading as they don’t operate on weekend, so the 31 day monthly average is incorrect and we need to look only at the 20- 22 days when they use the majority of their power.

This is where interval data comes in handy, with the ability to see what they use on weekdays and what size system they would need to address this spend.


Again, when looking at the schools power bill we have a total use for both Peak and Off Peak with a daily average based on the number of days in a month.

Schools on average are open 198 days a year with holidays and weekends accounting for the remaining 167 days.

The interval data allows us to breakdown usage to term days and identify the actual daily use. Schools with the correct system would also generate a lot of surplus power which is covered in the next section

How Much Can You Save

This is where it is important to know the current spend and what the client is paying for power.

Certain businesses will also benefit from exporting power back to the grid, for example a school that has the correct sized system to address their daily usage for the 198 term days could generate a similar amount of power depending on the season on non-term days.

If the power company allows export then surplus power can be sent back to the grid to create a revenue stream or offset the cost of power being used in the evenings, both of which have an impact on long term savings. An engineering company may be able to export surplus power generated on weekends, which again would impact on their annual savings.

After analysing the power bill SolarXpress will come up with a system size that best suits the client’s needs and provide the best return on Investment.

If the recommended system size will not fit the building due to roof inconsistencies or lack of area SolarXpress also construct Car Park cover and bespoke roofing structures.

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